Q1: What is Huggies® Rewards?

A: Huggies® Rewards is a loyalty programme brought to you by Kimberly-Clark Singapore. With this programme, we are able to reward our customers for purchasing Huggies® products.

Q2: Is Huggies® Rewards related to Huggies® Club?

A: This Huggies® Rewards is not associated and not related to Huggies® Club. You can sign up as Huggies® Club Member to enjoy exclusive discount codes for your online purchases and to receive Huggies® samples straight to your mailbox. For more information on Huggies® Club member please visit here.

Q3: How do I apply for the membership?

A: Simply log on to www.huggies-redemption.com and click 'sign up'.

Q4: When and how do I receive my membership card?

A: Huggies® Rewards is a cardless loyalty programme. All you need to do is to sign up online and you're a proud member of Huggies® Rewards.

Q5: What are the privileges and benefits of being part of Huggies® Rewards?

A: Members are able to convert their Huggies purchases into Huggies® Rewards Points and redeem exclusive gifts.

Q6: How do I earn Huggies® Rewards Points?

A: Simply take a clear photo of the invoice/receipt indicating the purchase of your Huggies® products. Submit the photo via your Huggies® Rewards account and points will be credited after verification.

Q7: Is there a validity period for submission of receipts?

A: Receipts must be submitted within 14 days from date of purchase.

Q8: How do I check my Huggies® Rewards Points?

A: Simply log on to www.huggies-redemption.com and click on the 'Member's Area' tab to view your points.

Q9: Will my Huggies® Rewards Points expire?

A: All Huggies® Rewards Points will have a validity till 15 September 2018 and are non-exchangeable for cash.

Q10: Will my membership expire?

A: Current Huggies® Rewards are activated exclusively for NTUC FairPrice across their various retail format outlets and valid from 15 March to 15 September 2018. There is no expiry on the actual membership.

Q11: Who are the participating merchants for this programme?

A: NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice On and Warehouse Club on all in-store and online purchases. Not including purchases from tradeshows such as Baby Fair or Baby Expo.

Q12: Is my membership transferrable?

A: The membership is non-transferrable.

Q13: How do I update my personal particulars?

A: Simply click on the ‘Member’s Area’ tab and log in to update your personal particulars.

Q14: How do I redeem my gifts?

A: Click here to find out more on how to redeem your gifts.

Q15: Must I present any documents to redeem the gifts?

A: All collection details will be provided in the notification email. Members are required to present the email over the counter to collect the gifts. The email can either be printed out or presented on electronic display via mobile phone/tablet.

Q16: Are there any other platforms to access the Huggies® Rewards portal?

A: The portal is browser based application. You can access any platform as long you have active internet browser.

Q17: How are the Huggies® Rewards Points calculated and converted?

A: For every $1 spent, you will be awarded 1 Huggies® Rewards Point. For purchases between $1.00 and $1.49, 1 Huggies® Rewards Point will be awarded and for purchases between $1.50 and $1.99, 2 Huggies® Rewards Points will be awarded (GST inclusive).

Q18: Are bulk purchases allowed?

A: In-Store and Online bulk purchases are allowed. Whether purchases from all tradeshows are not allowed to participate in this rewards campaign.

Q19: What types of Huggies® products are eligible for this programme?

A: All Huggies® products are eligible, from diapers, pants, little swimmers, goodnites to wipes.

Q20: Who do I contact to enquire for more information?

A: You can contact us at support@huggies-redemption.com for any enquiries related to redemption and rewards.